GST Bot is an innovative endeavour of IntelliGST empowered by Team Sanaatan to bring forth a Technology Enabled End – to – End Integrated GST Solution for all Stakeholders, invented to exchange Artificial Intelligence Based GST Knowledge for the benefit of Tax Payers, Tax Professionals, Tax Trainers, Tax Students and Tax Facilitators. 

GST Bot is articulated to meet the specific needs of the Students or other Stakeholders, who want to have a Subject Matter insight in to Scope and Extent of GST in India. The Salient Features of GST Bot are:

  •   A Silent Worker Available 24 x 7
  •   Economical, Affordable and Accessible to all
  •   Automation of repetitive work
  •   Incredible Personal GST Assistant
  •   New and Exciting Trend to get updated on GST Laws of India
  •   Anytime, Anywhere Self-Learning
  •   Mobile Friendly Scalable Training Tool

GST Bot is Bliss to all those students who are preparing their exams for B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA, CA, CMA, CS and LLB Courses or are planning to seek engagement in careers involving Accounting, Taxation and Statutory Due Diligence.

GST Bot is Euphoria to all those GST Knowledge Seekers, who are learning to catch up with the implementation process of India’s Biggest Tax Reform since Independence.