is a Technology Enabled End-to-End integrated GST Solution empowered by Team Sanaatan.


To facilitate ease of doing business under GST Regime.


To develop and extend Technology Enabled Application to unify the synergies of all stakeholder under GST ecosystem to achieve Stakeholder’s Objectives envisaged under GST Regime.


Karma Nishtha is Swadharam Nishtha.

We believe in discharging of our duties righteously by treating our employees, associates, colleagues and clients as our extended family. Corporate Training and Human Development is our core priority. We always welcome collective growth and technology intervention in achieving the best for our associating teams.


  • To create Technology Enabled GST Awareness, Training, Compliances and Trouble Shooting Platform by developing End-to-End Integrated Software Application.
  • To facilitate AI / ICT enabled multi-device, multi-location, multi-entity and multi-users Software Application for all Stakeholders under GST ecosystem.
  • To enable and energize innovative and interactive Knowledge Delivery, Knowledge Exchange, and Problem Solving Mechanism to maximize and optimize GST Qualified Manpower, GST Compliances and GST Revenue for the Nation.
  • To proactively support the GOI Initiative to implement GST Regime to the Nation’s advantage.