is a Technology Enabled End-to-End integrated GST Solution empowered by Team Sanaatan.

Team Sanaatan is a consortium, with its scope and span to facilitate corporate and institutional transformation by innovative use of IT enabled and Media Friendly business processes, enriched to enhance human efficiency and values, by developing and utilizing technology for convenience of entrepreneurs and economic units.

Our Mantra is Emancipation of Mankind by Practicing Sacred Karma

We strive to identify, explore, optimize and strategize the business processes by using the appropriate technology, synchronized to an awareness e-Platform, directed to serve the economic units to achieve their Governance Milestones.

The nucleus of Sanaatan is to understand an enterprise / initiative with respect to its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and suggest technology enabled tools and techniques for innovative transformation measures to achieve an optimum business performance within the constraints faced by an enterprise / initiative.

The Business Process underlying the foundation and philosophy of Sanaatan Group is to set up an Awareness Exchange platform amongst Employees, Associates, Alliances, Clients and Society, harmonized with Innovative processes of Resource Pooling and Utilization and leading to optimum Governance at each stage of a initiative, through transformation of the associated teams.