• Filing of GSTR 3B Return made easier and user friendly.
• Optimum utilization of ITC is displayed by System, which however can be edited.
• The amount to be paid in cash after taking into account ITC, gets displayed.
• One click Challan preparation to avoid payment of tax under wrong heads.


FAQs and User Manual are provided alongwith pop ups, to guide taxpayers while filling Form GSTR 3B.
• Fill either CGST or SGST/UGST amount, other tax will get auto filled.
Form GSTR 3B can be previewed or downloaded, for cross verifying saved details in any table(s), by Clicking PREVIEW DRAFT GSTR-3B button. The draft Summary page of your GSTR-3B can be downloaded for review.
• Once taxpayer proceeds to payment, the details of balances as available in cash and credit ledgers can be seen (Refer Table 6.1 – Payments Table) at one place.
• Tax liabilities as declared in the return along with the credits gets updated in the ledgers and displayed in the “Tax payable” column of the payment section and can be seen while hovering on the said headings of credit in the payment section.
• System auto-populates “Tax to be paid through ITC” fields with optimum utilization amounts based on provisions of the law relating to credit utilisation. It is suggestive and taxpayer may edit the ITC utilization. In case ITC utilization is changed, the cash to be paid also gets changed accordingly.
• If available cash balance in Electronic cash ledger is insufficient to offset the liabilities, additional cash required for paying liability is displayed in the last column of the Table (Additional cash required). Taxpayer may create challan for that amount directly by clicking on the CREATE CHALLAN button. Once online payment is made, system will navigate back to Payments Table.
• Click the MAKE PAYMENT/POST CREDIT TO LEDGER button to pay off the liabilities or to claim credit in case of no liabilities.
• Click “Proceed to file” and File GSTR-3B with EVC or File GSTR-3B with DSC. ("Submit" button has been removed).